Porsche Panamera Custom Audio Set-Up and Review

I stumbled across this lovely Porsche Panamera while having drinks with fellow sports car enthusiasts I work with. The car pulled up while we were drinking on the patio, and we invited the owner over to talk shop.

After chatting for a bit, the topic of audio systems came up. I was extremely excited to find this was a Porsche Panamera Custom Audio setup. The vehicle’s owner was kind enough to give me a ride and break down exactly what he had installed.

What Was Installed In The Porsche Panamera

Most of the original Burmester 3D surround sound system was still intact. When I asked the owner about this, he noted that the original sound system was fantastic. It hit hard and sounded great with almost every type of music. The only issue that he had was that the bass was a bit lacking.

For this reason, he had twin JL Audio 10W6v3D4 Subwoofers installed. To power each of these, a 6000 watt Rockville monoblock amplifier was used for each subwoofer. The amplifiers were installed cleverly into the box, so the entire setup sits flush in the trunk area.

The speaker box was a high-quality custom build created so that the unit fit end to end. Blue wrapping was added so that the exterior of the box matched the vehicle’s carpet and upholstery. Overall, these were minor additions that made an already solid factory system better.

How Did The System Sound?

I was impressed. Very rarely will I listen to a factory sound system and say good job. Most factory systems, even in high-performance vehicles, are passable at best. For the average driver who is doesn’t understand the finer nuances of audio quality, this isn’t a significant issue.

If you’re like me though, you know the difference between a high-quality system and a factory model that plays okay but not optimally. When I listen to music in any of my cars, they better rock. I want the ability to pop on almost any genre of music and have it sound great.

So, I was quite surprised by the Burmester sound system. It was an excellent audio system and did a fantastic job of pushing out Houses of the Holy, which the owner had one while driving me around.

He demonstrated for me the system both with and without the addition of the JL Audio subs. While the system is good without the added bass, the addition of the twin subwoofers made a huge difference.

Without the extra bass, the sound system is extremely clear. The lack of hard-hitting bass was quite noticeable however, to someone who has been playing with sound systems for well over a decade. I was immediately able to tell the lack of full sound on some of the more bass-heavy songs.

After adding the subwoofers back into the mix, wow, the entire system sounded complete. For a minor addition that didn’t even end up costing that much money, the addition of the twin subwoofers was worth it.

Great job with the installation and an impressive sound system and car. I will admit, before riding in it, I wasn’t too hot for the Panamera model. The idea of a sports car front on a four-door vehicle didn’t sit well. But, I’m now sold on both the Panamera models and the Burmester sound systems.

The Panamera rides smooth, and the Burmester hits hard. Thank you to the kind stranger who showed me his ride, and I look forward to the opportunity to check out the Porsche Panamera again in the future.