Ferrari 458 Custom Sound System

After going down a deep rabbit hole online looking for some tips on how to stuff speakers into a Saleen S7, I came across this beautiful Ferrari 458.

Yes, the Ferrari 458 is gorgeous on its own. What made this little red riding hood extra special was the excellent sound system made possible through talented individuals.

I took it upon myself to find out everything I could about this system. In my hunt, I also found a great speaker box manufacturer specializing in Ferrari and sweet custom jobs for other exotic cars. Let’s take a deep dive into exactly what went into this 458 and what makes it special.

Red Ferrari 458 with beige interior showing off the speakers behind the seating along the firewall.

What's In The Sound System?

For a vehicle with such a tight space, the sound system in this Ferrari 458 is a beast. They managed to run ten 10W0v3 JL Audio subwoofers, five by two with four subs behind each seat, and two in the center console area.

The subwoofers are connected to Rockford Audio monoblock amps connected to the head unit via a robust set of JL Audio’s best RCA Cables. On the side door are two JL Audio C1-650s, each capable of handling a diverse range.

For the subwoofers, they have been installed using a custom box from Scuderia Audio. This company makes some impressive boxes customized for various models of Ferraris. They can custom build each box to match the precise stitching of your vehicle. Overall, this is a great setup for this model of Ferrari.

What's The Verdict On The System?

It’s pretty awesome. There are a few things that I would have done differently if I had done this set up myself. For one, I would be more inclined to opt for Rockville Audio as opposed to JL Audio. Also, I would tone down a bit on the subwoofers in such a small space. Running two less subwoofers for four behind each seat would be the way to go in my mind.

I like the Scuderia Audio subwoofer box. It is high-quality, and everything down to the stitching fits in perfectly with the vehicle. According to Scuderia, they work with some of the leather workers who make upholstery for Ferrari, so their boxes are real Italian leather.

They even go so far as to match the exact count of the stitching per inch in your Ferrari. For this reason, it’s almost impossible to tell the that this is an aftermarket part, which is a major plus in my book. There is nothing worse than seeing an excellent aftermarket sound system added to a high-end sports car that doesn’t match.

From the demonstration that I was able to find, the sound quality overall is near perfect. The demonstration played a range of music from house to hip hop, showing the full range of capabilities this system is capable of. The entire system hit hard and sounded clear.

Overall, I think this is a solid setup and would consider something similar in some of my cars only with different brands.